Holistic Education Consultant

I teach you simple secrets to become a competent and confident homeschooler and to succeed at raising and educating your children in the best way.

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I care deeply about what I do because I know that every family matters. Your family matters. I want you to have the amazing kids you deserve, and I want your kids to discover their unique gifts and become the very best that they can be. 


Working with me, here's what you will gain:

  • A clear understanding of how to excel as the teacher to your children
  • An understanding of how to protect your children's love of learning
  • Precious time saved because you will know what your children need to learn and when 
  • Guidance on what you should expect from your children so they can excel
  • Plenty of homeschool management tips
  • Courage, confidence, and competence as a homeschooler

Confusion about homeschooling is rampant! I make things clear for you. 

Here's how it works: To schedule a coaching time, there are two steps: 1) Add a "1" to the cart below, 2) after you hit the blue button, a contact form will appear that you will need to fill out. After that, I'll reach you via email—within 48 hours during the business week—to confirm one of the dates

Usually one full hour is enough time to get most people on track. Moving forward, we'll stay in touch. If you need more help later, I'll be here.

Once you purchase your consultation time, I'll contact you within 24 hours (during the business week) with the scheduling details. 

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