Holistic Education Consultant

I teach homeschooling parents simple secrets to become competent and confident homeschoolers, to recognize quality and time-tested curricula, and to succeed at raising and educating the very best children. 

Working with me, you will gain:

  • A clear understanding of how to excel as the teacher to your children 
  •  Exact knowledge of what to do with a child under seven without harming their love of learning
  •  Precious time saved: you will know what your children need to learn and when they need to learn it (no more sleepless nights wondering if you're making mistakes)
  •  A curriculum analysis or a customized curriculum by a qualified expert, which will save you a lot money as you will no longer buy books and programs you don't need
  •  Courage, confidence, and competence with your new homeschooling abilities

Confusion about homeschooling is rampant! Some of the information you find online can be misleading and harmful especially for younger children.

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Here's how it works: To schedule a coaching time, start by making your Paypal payment below, and then click on the blue button to fill out the coaching form. On the form I'll ask some questions about yourself and main homeschooling concerns; you'll enter three dates and times when you can talk. Next, I'll contact you via email to confirm one of the dates within 24 hours.

When the time arrives, we'll talk via phone (or Skype for international clients), and I'll listen to your concerns, ask more questions to fully assess your situation, and leave you with an action-based plan to turn your homeschool around and bring you peace of mind. 

Usually, unless you need a curriculum design and plan, one full hour is enough time to get most people on track. Moving forward, we'll stay in touch. If you need more help later, I'll be here.

To schedule your hour, start here:

(NB: Paypal will redirect you back here to fill out the form.)