The One-Room Schoolhouse

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Have you read my post, You Want to Homeschool But You Can't—Try This!

If you have, then you know how much I favor the one-room schoolhouse as an alternative to public school. Truthfully, if I could do it all over again, I would have established a schoolhouse over homeschooling. There are so  many perks to the one-room which you can read about in my post.

 I have had some experience teaching a couple of families at once, and any homeschooler with a 5+ family will vouch for this—it is very doable.

I've also read extensively about how they used to operate, and I recently had the pleasure of speaking with a delightful gentleman, Mr. Hokom, whose mother taught in a mid-western schoolhouse back in the 1940s. Mr. Hokom spent his elementary years learning in a one-room too.

We had a great conversation, and he affirmed everything I had read and my own experience teaching in my mini-schoolhouse.

If the schoolhouse model is something you and your friends are interested in, you can request a one-hour consultation by clicking on the button below.


With her extensive knowledge about the one-room schoolhouse, Elizabeth can guide you through the process and help you build the school of your dreams.