Why Children Who Have a Heart Start Do Better

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Parenting during the early years is a crucial period.

It's when the inclinations of a child's heart and the seeds of his/her character take root.

The early years are also when the foundation for academic learning is laid. 

Nature designed it this way. 

In the West, we get this tragically wrong, and we do so at the expense of our children and family and society's well-being.

The early years are when we train our children in good habits and courtesy towards others.

I'm convinced from all I've seen and read, and from my own experience, that if we don't get the early years right, we can also damage our children's love of learning and their ability to learn well too. 

If you're concerned about what to do the first seven years of your child's life, if you want to make sure you provide a childhood that supports your child's emotional well-being, and prepares him/her for academic learning you have come to the right place.

This is something that I feel extremely passionate about.

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