Hi, I’m Elizabeth!


I teach parents how to give their children a private-school education at home.

Combining my training in holistic medicine, parenting, plus my 17+ years working in education, I provide you with a unique approach to raising and educating your children.

A veteran homeschooler myself, I now have two homeschooled children in college. 

If you’d like to know more, I’m happy to tell you about my training and the unusual mentors I’ve had that have influenced me to do what I do.

Seventeen years ago, good fortune led me to discover and later meet a man who would became my mentor in children’s education, John Taylor Gatto.

John was the catalyst in my decision to leave a career in medicine to serve concerned parents like yourself.

What followed were years of research, mentorship, and teaching, as I gradually unraveled an understanding of how children learn best and the subjects that are worth learning.

My professional training in Traditional Chinese Medicine proved invaluable too because it helped me understand the neurological and psychological components to child development in relation to learning especially from a holistic perspective.

In 2016, I discovered John Rosemond's parenting philosophy and later became one of his certified parenting coaches. It’s difficult to homeschool if you can’t manage your children.

John’s understanding of the principles of raising children was complimentary to my understanding of children's education, and I found that the two fields combined gave me the knowledge to teach a parent, like yourself, just about everything you need to know.

But the greatest influence throughout my life has been a renaissance man and classic scholar, my own late father, David J. Hanson, a true lover of knowledge who could lecture on any one of the many classical subjects. 

And that’s my story.

Now back to you: as a parent of young children, you can do things differently; you can raise your children well and you can give them a real education. 

This is your journey and your children and the hard truth is that we only get one chance to get it right.

I’m here to help you succeed. I teach online classes on how to homeschool using the Smart Homeschooler approach, and I teach classes about how to raise your child during the first seven years.