Are you thinking about homeschooling, but you're wondering how you can do it all?

Maybe you're wondering where to start?


I offer both coaching services and online courses to get you on the right path to raising and educating your children in the best way possible. 

As a good parent, you'll want your children to have good manners, be well educated, and attend a decent college, perhaps an Ivy League.  You will not want to ruin their chances of getting there! Working with me, you won't. 

My signature course covers the first seven years of your child's life,  How to Prepare Your Child for Genius, and my homeschooling course, How to Homeschool the Smart Way, covers the elementary grades of formal learning one through six for children usually ages six to twelve.

Combined, I cover everything you need to know for the first twelve years of your child's life. 

If you have particular concerns, then you can also use my one-on-one coaching service.

A one-hour consultation is usually enough time for me to address your concerns right away, answer your questions, and leave you with the tools you need to homeschool the smart way. 

Your kids will want to know that you're in control, and you have everything handled. And you will.

The good news is that homeschooling is much easier than you think.

Please visit my coaching page to get started, or visit my course pages to learn more about them. 

I look forward to hearing from you!