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Our First Release, Under the Lost Tools Name!

What better place to start then at the beginning with children, featuring a brilliant and comical epic in rhyme, by John Taylor Gatto, The Adventures of Snider: the CIA Spider. Reading rhyme to children stimulates their imagination, and if the rhyme is full of rich vocabulary and eloquent expression as Snider is, then it also aids in the development of the child's language skills.

The story is about a Spider named Snider who dreams of becoming a CIA spy, and leaves his family on the Irrawaddy River only to find out there's more going on in the world of the CIA than meets the eye. John tells his lively tale in such a melodious style that it's hard to put the book down. As John says, "It's for adults of all ages--even 'kindergarters.'" An entertaining and fun read for all! 

Again, please visit our Kickstarter campaign--live now--where we have copies of the book for a discounted pre-publication price!  — http://kck.st/2gnlnNb

Lost Tools Press

The name Lost Tools Press is borrowed from the famous essay, The Lost Tools of Learning, by Dorothy Sayers. In it, Sayers humorously reminisces about the forgotten tools of learning, otherwise known as the seven liberal arts: grammar, logic, rhetoric, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music. Inspired by Sayers and John Taylor Gatto, the Lost Tools Press aims to raise the bar by publishing books that speak to a higher ideal in literature. There is no particular genre for the press, only that each Lost Tools book will be chosen for its inherent ability to improve the reader's mind.