Hello, I'm Elizabeth!

I teach parents everything they need to know to raise decent and well-educated children.

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Children that will stand-out because of their love of learning and good character.

Taking into consideration the body, mind, and heart of your child, I've blended my expertise in holistic medicine, education, and parenting to create a unique approach to raise children for excellence.

For curriculum, I focus on the classics to give your children the best of a private education at home without the cost.

Here's the story of how I came to be qualified to do what I do:

A long time ago, I was at the beginning of what would have been a successful career in Chinese medicine but fate diverted me.

You see, around the same time, I had started homeschooling my daughter but three days later, I quit!

That was 17 years ago. I had started teaching her because she was four-years-old and that's what everyone with four-year-olds were doing, so I figured it was the right thing to do. But I soon quit because I sensed by her four-year-old response that something was wrong. 

She was excited about learning to read; after all, it was something she saw me doing and she figured it must be enjoyable. It soon became clear to me, however, that she was struggling to understand phonics, and she let me know, on that fateful third day, that she preferred to play with her brother. 

Something was off and I was determined to understand what was off and why. That determination became the catalyst for my subsequent tumble into the bewildering world of children's education.

What followed were years of research, mentorship, and teaching, as I gradually unraveled an understanding of how children learn best and the subjects that are worth learning.

Good fortune led me to meet a man who became my mentor in education, John Taylor Gatto. John was the catalyst in my decision to leave a career in medicine to serve concerned parents like yourself.

My professional training in Traditional Chinese Medicine proved invaluable because it helped me understand the neurological and psychological components to child development in relation to learning, most importantly, from a holistic perspective.

In 2016, I discovered John Rosemond's parenting philosophy and later became one of his certified parenting coaches.

His understanding of the principles of raising children was complimentary to my understanding of children's education, and I found that the two fields combined gave me the knowledge to teach a parent like yourself everything you need to know to raise and educate excellent children.

But the greatest influence throughout my life has been a renaissance man and classic scholar, my own late father, David J. Hanson, who, when asked (and I often did), could lecture on any one of the many classical subjects. 

And that’s my story.

Now back to you: as a parent of young children, you've got the best shot at doing things differently—of raising your children well and of giving them a real education. 

And I’m here to help you succeed. This is your journey and your children. You can do this!

By the way, in case you're wondering what happened with my daughter's reading lessons, I taught both my children to read at age seven, based on the advice of child developmental psychologists, and they were reading Shakespeare with comprehension (largely influenced by their grandfather) by ages 12 and 10, respectively. 

Need I say more?!

If you haven’t yet, feel free to schedule a consultation with me at your convenience. I look forward to meeting you!