Homeschooling Coach, Writer, Speaker

What's Going On?

Are things getting crazy out there in public school land? From the shift to computer learning, the elimination of school recess and playgrounds, and the substandard curriculum to the falling literacy rates, declining moral code, and rising school crime rates many parents are deciding faster than ever to homeschool. Can we blame them! That's where I come in...

My Story  (the short version)

My name's Elizabeth, and I've worked for the past 16 years as an education coach, writer, and speaker to empower and equip parents, like yourselves, with the tools to make homeschooling easy. Most new homeschoolers worry about the same thing, "Will my child turn out well and will he/she excel?"  The truth is that as a homeschooler, typically, you will do far better than public school and most likely surpass your own expectations. 

Meeting Your Homeschooling Needs

To meet the individual concerns of your family, as your coach, I look at your particular circumstances, your available resources, and your time;  I then customize your child's curriculum so he/she will get exactly what is needed and so you feel confident you are providing your child with the best education possible. My goal is to keep your homeschool stress-free, so you can focus on your child's character and intellectual development, and give him/her the skills and knowledge necessary to excel and ultimately get into the college of choice. And, yes, it's true: the Ivy Leagues do recruit homeschooled kids!

I'm convinced, based on years of experience, research, and observation that homeschooling--beginning with bringing childhood back to children, and nurturing a love of learning for learning's sake--is the more intelligent way to go, and the same unique methods I employ in my programs are exactly what the child development experts say too.

What The Experts Say

Child development psychologists like Dr. David Elkind and educators like John Taylor Gatto, are emphatic that national tendencies, such as academic learning before a child is developmentally ready and long hours spent in classrooms--plus hours spent at home doing homework--may cause more harm than good. We know that super kids can burn out long before their time, 15% of schoolchildren are now at risk for stress-induced medical conditions, and that 30% of this generation's schoolchildren are expected to be unfit for an entry level job. To boot, your average child spends less time outdoors today than a prisoner. It is time to stop and take stock of the situation.

Call Me 

Read through my website, visit my blog, or contact me directly to discuss giving a talk in your area, or schedule a time to consult privately about setting up your homeschool and maintaining it throughout the year. Together we can provide your children with a world-class education and make a positive difference in the world, one family at a time--your family.